The Craftroom

My craft room is currently a work in progress.  Last summer a dream came true, and I could have a room just for me.  The two things I really wanted was a peg board and a big table. 

Craft Room Collage
Craft Room First Run

Sadly, shortly after we set up the room my depression started, and I slowly became to lose interest in things that made me happy.

When I started drawing and painting, I was mainly doing that in my bedroom.  Most days I didn’t want to leave my room.  Supplies started to pile up, but thankfully for my husband’s sake, I was feeling better.  I decided to move my growing art hoard into my craft room.

I still sometimes draw in bed, but I do my painting and other things in my room.  I love the room and the ability to get messy.  As I was spending more time in my room, I started getting ideas on how to make it better.

Paint Organizer
Paint Center


I made an old dresser into my paint center.  You can read more about it here.  I decided to move out the falling apart sewing desk.  I had my big table and desk that I could use to sew.  I then moved my big table by the window and opened the space up.  I removed the curtains to let in more light.

Craft Room
Reorganized Craft Room

My peg board still needs some work, and the closet could be organized better.  I really don’t want the locker in my room, but I will hold off on that to keep my husband happy. In the months ahead I am sure that I will continue to improve my space.

 What is your favorite craft room organization tip?

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